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Cheap hotels in Tallinn – Skane Hotel

Many things are special about my recent trip to Tallinn, Estonia.

It is a city that simply impresses with the contrasts that you can find there from the semi-destroyed buildings that have resisted the bombing and the new glass skyscrapers. It is not the place you would call safe, but it is not yet considered a dangerous country if you use a little common sense. Poverty is not low, and people around the world are turning to the dark side to survive. It also makes it easy to find cheap hotels in Tallinn, but sometimes the quality may be a little behind.

By the way, one of the most special things about this trip is that when we arrived at the airport, we didn’t even know where we were or what to do. It was the most unexpected type of trip you can imagine, so after asking several people who spoke a certain level of basic English, we managed to find out who to point to. One word I managed to remember: Skane Hotel.

Skane is the name of one of those cheap hotels in Tallinn,

the hotel where we are supposed to spend the night. After working hard for half an hour trying to decipher the map of the bus (and locate where we were!), We managed to find a route that takes us to a street called Skane, so this seems like a good option. , as long as we know that a bus station is right in front of the main entrance of the hotel.

You leave high skyscrapers behind and on the next street you find yourself crossing open spaces with very old houses, broken windows, water on the ground and plants trying to win the battle for asphalt. . In addition, you can see strange faces on the street, probably as strange as the owner’s way of walking … On the other side of the road, you can locate the city center while surrounding it. It was not bombed, so everything is still standing.

Finally we see the name of our hotel on the right side and get off the bus. It is like a jewel in the fog. It looks good from the outside, clean, the walls are painted correctly. Do not rush! Be careful, it is a road between you and the hotel, and these types of dirty drivers will only stop if you put your whole body in front of your car. Just let them know that you will cross whatever happens, or wait until midnight.

Once you enter the hotel, it feels like home.

It may be one of the cheapest hotels in Tallinn. But it is an absolutely comfortable job. The staff at the main reception is very helpful and friendly, everything was clean and beautifully decorated and spacious. We pick up the keys and go up to the first floor, and we find ourselves in front of a very large room with huge windows that let in bright light. Everything smells clean, especially the bathroom.

There are some mirrors inside the room, general main light and two lamps, a TV, a large double bed, an armchair, and a desk. It’s not fancy, but it’s much more than you would expect for the price of $ 35 / night! Of course, I know many tips for getting cheap hotels in Tallinn from $ 15 per night, but this was still very good as long as I didn’t use any of my advice for the stay.

And to be really close to perfection, something else happened that we didn’t expect. It was my girlfriend’s birthday the day we left. Just before paying for the service, the receptionist gave her a birthday card written by herself, as well as a calendar as a gift. By the way, with excellent photos of Estonia on each page. And I know she still uses it and remembers this story with a smile on her face.